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  • Collect Your Personal Travel Memories.

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How it works

1. Choose a Key Chain.

2. Add one Charm (pendant) for every Country, City, Island or Continent You've travelled to.

3. That's it - You always have Your Travel Memories with You now ♡

4. When You travel to a new Place: Just add a new Charm to Your Collection.

Tip: Start Your Collection with our discounted Starter Sets ツ

Our Values

Traveller Charms is a German brand for all of you who love travelling and exploring our beautiful earth. To take care of our beloved planet, being ecoconscious is of very great importance for us.

♻️ 100% Plastic Free Shipping

🌱 Part of Profits go to Plant-for-the-Planet

🍀 Vegan Key Chains

                                    Happy Travelling!

                    Your Traveller Charms Team

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